2023 Platform

2022 Platform

We Stand for Recovery Solutions!

We stand with candidates and policymakers who support and champion recovery solutions for all Nevadans. Supporting RECOVERY SOLUTIONS strengthens our communities economically, emotionally, and physically.

Reducing Stigma

Recovery solutions means: 

  • Reducing stigma of substance use disorder and mental health challenges.
  • Training the community in overdose prevention, harm reduction methods, person-centered language, and educating the public to understand that recovery is a valuable asset to the community.

Fair Housing

Recovery solutions means: 

  • Supporting equitable access to safe housing for all people regardless of recovery status.
  • Supporting a coalition between house operators and residents to develop community and safety-driven standards.

Pathways to Recovery

Recovery solutions means: 

  • Supporting and embracing all pathways of recovery because that increases one’s quality of life.
  • Elevating the profiles of those with lived experience and showing the benefits of peer support.

Harm Reduction

Recovery solutions means: 

  • Supporting harm reduction that is grounded in justice and human rights.
  • Committing to meeting people who use drugs “where they are” in their lives without judgement.

Justice & Recovery Rights

Recovery solutions means: 

  • Decriminalizing substance use disorder and giving fair and equitable access to housing, employment, and services.
  • Supporting all facets of social justice to safeguard the human rights of people with substance use disorder and mental health challenges.