Why Support Recovery in Nevada

In the midst of the national addiction crisis, recovery is a key issue in Nevada. Recovery can win here because Nevada is a true political battleground state, where recovery voices have the most power to influence elections. Recovery PAC empowers voters to elevate recovery so we can be heard.

Recovery is a nonpartisan issue that affects everyone. Everyone agrees that we need solutions to the drug epidemic. Recovery is the solution in Nevada. We need access to recovery services, support for families and communities affected by addiction, and candidates who listen.

However, our needs are disregarded. We think this is because most legislators are uninformed about addiction. People who don’t understand us shouldn’t be making decisions that affect us! Without the right people in office and advising lawmakers, the opioid crisis will only get worse in Nevada.

Recovery PAC brings together voters who want to fight addiction and support recovery in Nevada. Recovery PAC is the platform for voters who care about recovery. Nearly every family includes at least one person who is struggling with addiction. People in recovery are members of every neighborhood, school, workplace, church, and community organization.

Even if addiction does not directly impact your family, you are paying for the public response through taxes. Prisons, Medicaid, and other public programs are tasked with "dealing" with addiction. Don't we want that public money spent on recovery that works?

Why recovery? Nevada can build on the successes of grassroots organizations and community-based recovery efforts, by lifting up recovery.

How to act now? Small donations of $5 to $25 show your support for recovery in Nevada. Each contribution shows politicians that recovery is a decisive issue for voters. Recovery matters to voters and thus to politicians. Recovery is about us: all of us. Your voice matters. Your commitment to Recovery PAC helps Nevada stop the addiction crisis by speaking loudly and clearly that there is hope, recovery is the solution.