Recovery is a call to action that affects voters from all political parties. Addiction is not a “red issue” or a “blue issue.” Recovery PAC takes on addiction from a nonpartisan, independent perspective to get real results and save lives in Nevada.

Recovery PAC has one goal: helping people achieve long-term recovery from substance use disorder. We are the recovery voice for voters, ensuring that policymakers, leaders, and elected officials put recovery first. We can’t let our families and communities stay sick. We need solutions to this drug epidemic that work for everyone. Recovery PAC ensures that there are no decisions about us, without us.

We represent Nevada’s communities of recovery. Recovery PAC includes people of all political parties, from diverse backgrounds. We are the platform for voices from many different communities. We represent people who use varied styles and lengths of recovery as well as people of many different ages, genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and political and religious affiliations. We elevate the voices of individuals and family members affected by addiction. People in recovery are leaders at all levels of Recovery PAC. We organize and educate voters about recovery and addiction-related issues and lead a majority of people representing local communities of recovery.

We proudly self-identify as people in long-term recovery, family members, friends and allies of recovery. Our personal stories are living proof of the transformative power of recovery. We are passionate about justice, equality, recovery choice, health, and making healthy changes in Nevada. We lift up people who have experienced all forms of recovery: their experiences inform Recovery PAC’s goals for education, advocacy, and policies.

We collaborate with grassroots and community recovery groups and work closely with elected representatives to achieve our goals. Recovery PAC is an independent organization that always puts recovery first. Our platform represents no particular party or agenda. We bring together individuals who support our message and benefit from the changes we create. We bridge the gap between diverse communities of recovery, the addiction treatment community, governmental agencies, the criminal justice system, the network of health and human services providers and systems, and the broader recovery support resources of the extended community, such as local professional service providers.

Recovery PAC is for people, not politicians. We support many forms of recovery and people from many different walks of life. We welcome families of people in recovery, families of loss, and families coping with addiction. Together, we have the power to save lives and make Nevada the recovery state!