We Are Recovery PAC

  • We stand for recovery choice;
  • We stand with candidates who support and champion recovery choices for all Nevadans. 
  • Supporting recovery choices strengthens our communities economically, emotionally, and physically. 

Recovery PAC is Nevada’s independent, nonprofit organization connecting political candidates to constituents who support recovery. Everyone is affected by addiction and everyone deserves a voice in our government. Recovery PAC serves as a conduit for the recovery voice through political action. 

Learn more about our Recovery choice platform here.

This election, we have endorsed candidates who support our platform. Learn who they are here.

Check out our Power of the Recovery Vote Poll here. 

We support recovery choice and community-based recovery. We are led by people in long-term recovery, to represent the interests of communities of recovery.

We recognize the high rates of success shown by people who can access peer support, mentoring, housing, transportation, vocational training, employment services, telephone support, support groups, system navigation, life skills training, and sober social activities. 

Recovery PAC is independent. We are committed to positive change, not someone else’s political agenda. We advocate for recovery choice, not a one size fits all program of personal recovery or a particular pathway to recovery. We bring voters together to make real change in Nevada.