How to Get Involved

Recovery PAC is the platform for Nevada’s individuals, families and communities seeking or in recovery from substance use disorder. If you vote, you have a voice! Recovery PAC brings together people to put recovery first and make Nevada the recovery state.


Sign up with Recovery PAC. Register to vote, add your name to our mailing list, canvas in your neighborhood, and volunteer at our phone bank. Nevada’s recovery communities include diverse groups for people, families, and neighbors who are affected by addiction. These groups offer opportunities for people to participate in recovery activities and community service.

Sign Up

Get out the vote. You can spread the word about Recovery PAC. We need people to advocate for recovery by going door-to-door, sharing information on social media, talking to neighbors, and being a visible face of recovery in your community. Recovery PAC is a platform that represents a constituency of consequence. You can raise your voice and share the message that we put recovery first.

Register to Vote

Learn about your recovery options. Do you know where to go if you or a loved one needs recovery support? Use the phone, internet, and social media to learn more about what is available in your area. You can assess whether local treatment and recovery support services are adequate and of good quality. Ask about cost, insurance or income requirements, post care support options, and what kind of services are provided. The big question is: would you send your child here? Share what you learn with Recovery PAC.

Get real about drug education. The drug epidemic is a national public health crisis, yet few people understand where it comes from. Most people don’t know the first thing about addiction. Ignorance kills. Research shows that "Just Say No" is ineffective and doesn't deter people from trying addictive substances. Educate yourself about addiction, recovery options, and drug-related laws. Then, reach out to people in your community, policymakers, and schools. Abstinence-only drug education doesn’t work, and neither do scare tactics. If we’re going to make Nevada the recovery state, we need to get on the same page about drug education.

Support Recovery PAC with a donation. A small gift of $5 to $25 shows your commitment to making Nevada the recovery state. Recovery PAC is funded by individual donors who want to make sure their voices are heard. Help Recovery PAC meet our goal by hosting a concert, fun run, bake sale, or other fundraising events with a recovery-positive message. Celebrate recovery and elevate our platform!