What is Community Based Recovery?

Community based recovery builds up from the community. The best place to recover is your community. Recovery PAC raises up the voices of recovery voters and helps improve everyone's recovery options.

Institutional recovery models use a top-down approach. That doesn't work for everyone. They should listen to what our communities need! Community-based recovery works because it comes from grassroots organizations, churches, parent groups, and families: people who know what recovery is really about. When institutions learn from our community, everyone benefits.

Rural Communities
Nevada’s rural areas are a model for community-based recovery. Tight-knit communities support each other, so people recover close to home. However, access to treatment is an issue, and stigma or lack of education keeps people from reaching out. Dynamic, local recovery is powerful in rural areas. Rural communities take care of their own.

Suburban Communities
With the highest rates of overdoses and addiction to prescription painkillers, suburban areas push their problems into cities. Stigma kills people, who are ashamed to ask for help and “hide” in plain sight. There are few recovery resources: churches provide help to people, but there are few options. “NIMBY” neighborhoods don’t want recovery resources like sober living in their suburb.

Urban Communities
Cities are the dumping ground for everyone else’s problems. Many people who need help end up caught in an endless loop of triage care, emergency rooms, jails, and shelters. There’s no continuity of care, and no connection to recovery supports. Young people who can’t ask for help in the suburbs drift into cities where they go in circles, becoming homeless and sick.

Every community has its strengths and weaknesses. We need community-based recovery for the same reason we need recovery choice. Communities know what people want and need. They know how to support recovery, and they know what doesn’t work! When communities have a choice, they are stronger, healthier places.

Recovery adds value to every community. Recovery PAC puts communities in charge.